Organic peroxides

NOVICHEM has been producing organic peroxides for more than 20 years and therefore has extensive knowledge and experince in the production and handling of Organic Peroxides. This product group has been constantly develpoed and today we are able to supply a number of high quality products.

Over the years we were expanding and upgrading our production facility in order to improve and ensure a high and consistent quality for any quantities required.

All the products we offer are manufactured in our own facility in Poland which makes us the unique peroxides producer in Europe. This fact implies the necessity to follow all the European requirements related to quality, safety and environment.

The medium size of our company gives us the advantage of being flexible to specific needs and to the ever changing market situation.

Bis(4-methylbenzoyl)peroxide 50% paste in silicon oil

CAS: [895-85-2]

Bis(2,4–dichlorobenzoyl) peroxide 50% paste

CAS: [133-14-2]

Dibenzoyl peroxide 30% with dicyclohexyl phthalate and chalk

CAS: [94-36-0]

Dibenzoyl peroxide 50% with dicyclohexyl phthalate and silica

CAS: [94-36-0]

Dibenzoyl peroxide 50% with dicyclohexyl phthalat

CAS: [94-36-0]

Dibenzoyl peroxide 75%

CAS: [94-36-0]